Startup Weekend – Day Three


The day was stressful and everyone was working hard at the presentations and all the last details before the final presentation at 17:00. Shawn Le Maitre and Mari S. Espeda were helping everyone with the training presentation, between 12:00 and 16:00. Everyone was nervous and excited to show the last idea correctly and good to win! 

Slowly all the mentors and judges were arriving and everyone was seeing the end of this adventure closer and closer.
At 17:00 the judges, Snorre KjesbuIan JenkinsToril Nag and Sonja Chirico Indrebø were ready to start and everyone was at the auditorium waiting for the “grand finale”.
Before the big presentations we had a presentation from Jeremy Huggal and after a great presentation from Ian Jenkins called “From Canvas to Customer: Inspiration from 63 rejections” and it was great for all to see that everything is possible with work and dedication!
All the groups were ready to start and “wonder heels” was the first one with an innovative piece for high heels shoos that it doesn’t give any pain! After was the time of “my sphere“, this company wanted to create an application for a easier talk between project with engineers. “Safe me” was a group that presented about a device that could help kids in case they are in danger.
Anybuddy” presented a social creation for all the ones who wanted to learn and teach something new in Stavanger, in the fifth presentation was “Health Tracker” this one created an application that could help people with chronic diseases. Then was the time of “Arca flora” with a presentation of a box where you can have growing plants without have so much work, and easier for them to grow with no problems! “3D audience” show a program with 3D glasses to lose your fear of presenting in front of a lot of people! And all of this could be seeing on live by streaming!
At the same time that the judges were hardly deciding which one could be the winner Anna Khomeriki was helping everyone to know each other better and doing some activities. 30 minutes after the decision was made and everyone was waiting for the winner.
Jeremy Huggal, was the one who presented the winners.
– “Arca Flora” was the third one [Half day service/system oriented workshop; 3 month premium subscription with full access to the whole library],
– “Wonder Heels” was the second [advice and preparation for venture capitalists; Mentoring to one of the top 3 teams. Novelty search including patents and market analysis & Consulting on business concept; 6 month premium subscription with full access the whole library],
– “Health Tracker” was the big winner of this weekend [Office space for 6 month for one person assuming admission in Ipark Inkubator; Professional Startup Mentoring; 1 start.aspackage with auditor to a value of 3900,- exclusive VAT; 9 steps coaching process over several sessions to help starting a business; 1 year premium subscription with full access to the whole library].
The prizes where chosen by the judges and they did it having in consideration the need of each group!
Was an amazing weekend with all the networking and new contacts that everyone expected and of course the dreams about new projects and ideas!
Even those who didn’t won said they will continue with the project and try it to apply on the market!
Startup Weekend Stavanger is proud for helping all this projects to see the life of the day and for giving so many opportunities to all the groups!
It is amazing to see all of this creations and all of this activities only in 3 days, with such an amazing and fast evolution!