Startup Weekend – Day Two!


One of the amazing things about creating and evolving ideas is how easy the concept and the clarity about what you want to do change so fast and so many times. To help on those hards decisions Matyás Kolsofszki was present with Olav Mellemstrand and helped the groups one by one.

During the day the groups had to explain in couple of minutes where they were on the group decision and which one were the biggest difficult they were now having. The groups were reduced to 7 groups but 2 of the groups own new partners.

John Sechrest was always helping the teams and reminding how important is to finish steps, and decision to be taken. After the amazing lunch at Vitenfabrikken was the time of Shwan le Maitre and Mari S. Espedal helping the groups and try to show them others perspective. This helped a lot on ideas to be more specific and other groups to change a little them concept.


The ideas are related with heath, environment, sustainability, society, voluntary, evolution and technology! This Startup Weekend can be proud of so many different ideas and works.
The third day will be 100% work and new big decisions! Everyone have to be ready to sell them products and be the best to win the Satartup Weekend Stavanger the first of 2014.