All was ready to go at 17:30 and everyone wanted to start new projects and have a bigger networking.

Participants started to do recruiting before pitching. So, some of them already had half of the team to start with.

Jeremy Huggal (one of the lead organizers) did the presentation of Christian Ragen, who presented “The Next big Startup Scene… which you’ve never heard of”.  After this presentation was the time of listening to the facilitator, John Sechrest (@johnsechrest), he did inspire everyone about what Startup Weekend is. Bringing with him the knowledge of other Startup Weekends, this is his 37th time as a facilitator on this event!

If at the start everyone was shy and not sure about pitching ideas at the end we had more then 20 ideas to vote for and 8 were decided at the end to start with.

Everyone was enthusiastic about it and all were more and more inspired! All the mentors (Harald Sævareid, Mari Espedal, Shawn Le Maitre, Eivind Gransaether and Rune Høyvik Rosnes), some of them also pitch ideas to inspire the group and the environment was installed with creative ideas and with projects to be started!


Was served an amazing lasagna and also coffee and fruits so everyone had energy to all the hours of work that they will have for the night! The groups were going with questions and with problems to everyone. The organization and mentors where helping groups by group and the night was starting to have a great work atmosphere!


Everyone left around mid-night and the weekend continue for more two days of adventure!