Matyas Kolsofszki Back at Startup Weekend Stavanger


Mátyás KolsofszkiWe are thrilled that Matyas Kolsofszki, Technology Transfer Professional, will join Startup Weekend Stavanger yet again from April 5 – 7 and advise on intellectual property issues.

Matyas did a terrific job last time, screening ideas on Friday evening to see if the idea was a pre-existing one and later advising participants on:

– importance of Intellectual Properties

– IP strategy and IP management

– intangible assets

– commercial value of the intellectuals and IP transactions

– IP protection methods, routes and timelines

– IP identification

– IP audit

Matyas Kolsofszki works on different innovation projects, business development and intellectual property management. He has 8 years experience on the field of technology transfer from different scientific areas such as biotechnology, health care, energy industry and natural sciences. He works daily with different intellectual properties, project evaluation, innovation management and commercialization. Meanwhile he is also responsible for IP and innovation strategies, innovation management systems, education and networking.

We look forward to his expert advice and look forward to seeing you in April at Ipark. Remember to sign up for our April 5 – 7 event. Tickets  can be found online at