Great Reasons To Be @ Startup Weekend Stavanger


886498_10100941162270065_2066011589_oOn the 14th of March, Startup Weekend Stavanger hosted an energy-fuelled pre-party at Tango nightclub. The place was packed with future innovators and entrepreneurs – a beer in hand and some great ideas in their noggins. Alongside them, we also had all these people who wanted to know more; who wondered why they should join us during Startup Weekend?

Allow us to sum it up here.

Q: Can I join Startup Weekend even though my idea is half-baked?

A: Join precisely because it is half-baked! The question to ask is WHY is it half-baked? Are you missing out on necessary competence? Do you need someone to spar with and clarify your thoughts? There are fairly great odds that the perfect person to complement your team is at Startup Weekend Stavanger. What you have to think about is how to pitch the core of your idea in 60 seconds flat and WOO these great people onto your team. Ultimately, it is the team that makes a mark as much as an idea.

Your idea. Bring it and sell it.

Q: Can I join Startup Weekend even though I don’t have an idea?

A. Sure you can. Just take a minute and think through what ignites your passion. Think through the competence you bring to a team. Are you the girl who can see tech solutions from a mile off? The guy who dreams of innovative marketing strategies? Are you a terrific motivator who can fire up a team and make things happen?

You don’t need an idea. But we’re pretty sure that there’s an idea at Startup Weekend Stavanger that needs you. Come and listen in on the pitches. When you hear one that makes your pulse race, go shake hands and dream about making history.

Q: I don’t have a clue how this works. Why should I be there?

A: Because it’s crazy inspiring! The majority don’t have a real clue when they come through the doors on Friday evening, but they get sucked in by the force fields of positive, creative energy in the room. We can guarantee that some of the pitches you hear on Friday will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering how you can contribute and be part of this fantastic idea. In our experience, it’s hard to resist an environment where people are so driven and enthusiastic about making ideas happen.

Q: No really. Why should I be there?

A: Because you NEED to be there and because you want to create something that will make heads spin. We’ve worked hard to bring a great group of mentors to SWS 2013. They will be there throughout the weekend, overseeing all aspects of idea and business development and calling you on it when you go off track. We have a specialist in intellectual property issues to guide you. We’ll guide you with pitch-training before your big day. We have brilliant judges to challenge you. In short, there is an amazing palette of folks and this is your best bet ever of taking a concrete step towards a dream in 54 hours.

Q: Can I join on just Friday or Friday and Sunday?

A: Of course.

And now that you guys are are all out of excuses, we’ll see you at Startup Weekend Stavanger between the 5 – 7 of April!